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How do I join the EQA scheme?
How do I join the EQA scheme?
Send a Private Message or an email expressing your interest in joining the scheme to:

Participation in the National Paediatric Histopathology EQA Scheme is open to the paediatric/Perinatal pathologists and general Histopathologists with responsibility for perinatal pathology.
Membership of the scheme is open to pathologists from outside the UK in the circumstances described in SOP 2. When the organiser is made aware of pathologistís desire to join the scheme, that pathologist will be sent a brief description of the way in which the scheme runs. The prospective participant is asked to read this description and confirm that he/she wishes to participate on these terms. He/she is also asked to confirm that he/she is or soon will be a paediatric /Perinatal pathologist or general Histopathologist with responsibility for perinatal pathology. He/she must also supply a current email address, address details for sending invoices and a brief description of why they want to join the scheme. On receiving this information the secretaries will email all the current participants with the information about the person wanting to join. If the participants agree to their participation then the Secretaries will enter the new participantís details into the database, such that the new participant can join in the next circulation of EQA material from its start. The participant will be issued with a confidential personal identification number known only to the EQA secretaries. New participants will not receive an invoice for participation until the beginning of the next financial year. At this point they may, if they wish, withdraw from the scheme without liability for payment.